A Productive Afternoon

This afternoon I decided I was going to get a lot of fridge stuff organized. Cody eats a lot of raw veggies for snacks at work and they all needed to be cut up. Elijah is just finally starting to more regularly allow me to feed him purees with a spoon – and the number of purees I had frozen in the freezer were dwindling. I am also trying to quit my sweets and snacking habit, and to help ease me into it, I make a paleo-friendly chocolate snack, which was also on short supply.

So after church and after lunch I took advantage of having my husband home and my brother-in-law visiting, got them to watch and occupy Elijah, and I got busy in the kitchen.

I started with my chocolate snacks. Recipe can be found here. I make them using a mini muffin tin and a small pampered chef cookie scoop. Makes the perfect three-bite chocolate snack. It’s made with real ingredients and no refined sugar so I feel better about having one or two of these throughout the day. Makes sense, right?

I then used some of the chocolate to cover some protein bars I made for Cody. He said they were good – not my favourite though. I’ll have to keep working on the recipe for these protein bars. I also whipped up two batches of my chocolate chip protein bars. I shared the recipe here.


For Elijah I made some pureed peas, avocado and apple puree, and a carrot puree. I used this recipe from Baby FoodE, a blog that caught my eye a while back and now that Elijah is sort of getting the hang of this eating thing I might try out some more of her recipes. We skipped the pasta tonight and I just served Elijah the carrot puree. I am happy to report it was a hit! The picture below is of all the purees ready for the freezer.


After this was all done I got all of Cody’s vegetables cut up and made supper. Now that I am just sitting on the couch relaxing, I feel accomplished but also don’t want to move. Good thing maternity leave means every day is Saturday and there is nothing on the agenda for tomorrow (except laundry that is…).

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