Cardboard Playhouse Magic

Magic! Absolute magic!

I have a busy toddler who is easily bored. His primary activity of choice lately is whacking things with mini sticks. He calls it hockey, and well, he’s not completely wrong. Is just not a whole lot of fun for me – or his baby brother. 

One of Elijah’s Christmas gifts arrived this week in a box much, much larger than what was necessary. Thank goodness for free shipping from Amazon – or else I’d be complaining about paying to ship air.

When I saw the size of the box I figured I couldn’t just cut it up and throw it outside, this was toddler gold. Turns out it was toddler magic.

I used this blog post as a guide for how to design our cardboard playhouse – and more than 2.5 hours later he was still playing with it.


As you can see in the picture above, I wasn’t overly concerned with being very exact in my cuts. I probably should have thought the door through though so that I didn’t have to tape it back on, but Elijah doesn’t seem to mind a little extra tape on his cardboard playhouse.

I used the packing paper that came in the box for the roof and set Elijah loose with his markers. I also brought up some Christmas pompoms and my glue gun and added some “Christmas lights” to his little playhouse. Elijah thought this was awesome. He’s really into Christmas this year. Anything that remotely resembles Santa is quickly pointed out and talked about. He also associates most red and green things with Christmas. The other day we went into a local home decor place that had all of its Christmas stuff up. Elijah was so happy and chattery.

“Mommy! Daddy! Christmas! Oooooo Christmas!”

It’s absolutely adorable.

A snowman complete with pipe cleaner arms and a cardboard top hat, and a felt Christmas tree with removeable decorations rounded out our pretty little cardboard playhouse.

Magic I tell you. A cardboard box, some scrap felt and leftover craft supplies, and I had a recipe for a well-entertained toddler.

I will say it again, cardboard boxes are toddler gold – or in this case – complete toddler magic!

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