Cardboard Playhouse Magic

Magic! Absolute magic!

I have a busy toddler who is easily bored. His primary activity of choice lately is whacking things with mini sticks. He calls it hockey, and well, he’s not completely wrong. Is just not a whole lot of fun for me – or his baby brother.  Continue reading “Cardboard Playhouse Magic”

Simple snowmen

My husband saved me four short pieces of deck board and brought them into the house. The only problem was that I changed my mind and no longer wanted to do the project I had intended to do with them.

Enter the simple snowmen.  Continue reading “Simple snowmen”

Colourful rice bin sensory play activity

The cold weather (and the cold weather colds) have set in, which means our opportunities to burn off toddler energy outside are getting more difficult.

Elijah gets whiney when he is bored so this morning I decided to put aside my thoughts about the mess it would create, and make him a sensory rice bin.  Continue reading “Colourful rice bin sensory play activity”

Toolbox dresser DIY

Here it is, the final DIY project in our toddler room. **Check out the complete room and all the other DIY projects including tire shelves and seats here

I originally found this idea on Pinterest and knew we could make something similar using Cody’s old dresser.  Continue reading “Toolbox dresser DIY”