Merry Christmas, Love from the Dyck Family

We’re just three days away from Christmas and I **think** I am ready. My baking was done a while ago, the presents are all bought with all but one wrapped (**note for the shopping list – pick up wrapping paper), and I believe I have all the food I need.  Continue reading “Merry Christmas, Love from the Dyck Family”

What not to say to a pregnant woman

People typically know that asking a women if she is pregnant is a fairly risky thing to do. Because of this it is generally a culturally accepted fact that you don’t say anything at all until a woman is most certainly pregnant.

Why then is it not a culturally accepted fact that you must continue to watch your tongue even after a woman is most certainly pregnant?

Being seven month pregnant and friends with a group of people who are either also pregnant, wanting to be pregnant, or just recently gave birth, I have heard my fair share of comments from people I think should just know better.

Just last week I was told twice in the same day that I was “huge.”

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Complete Exhaustion

I watch television shows where people have new babies and these people look exhausted. I mean they say they are exhausted and they do funny things because they are tired, but they also looked so tired.

Now I can’t say anything about how I have appeared the last nine months, but I don’t feel like I ever felt that mommy exhaustion. Yes, I have been tired, but typically I have just had to make it to when my husband got home from work and then I could crash. Either for a nap, or for the night, sometimes at 7:30 p.m.

Today though, I feel like I might look like those exhausted moms on TV.

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A little reflection is a good thing from time to time

Tonight I logged onto my blog to check out my stats. I wanted to know exactly how many of you faithful readers are really out there. In the process however, I became distracted by scrolling through and reading bits of old blog posts. It wasn’t until I came across “This proves you never quite know where you’ll be in just one year,” from November of 2011 that I really felt the urge to write about what I had been reading.

I started this blog in March, 2010 and didn’t really start writing regularly until June of the same year. At that time the blog was really just a place for me to write whatever was on my mind. This was a transitional period in my life, I had just finished school, ended a serious relationship, and just began working full time in the journalism world. A few months later, I moved to Alberta and I bravely put my blog out there for all of my friends and family to read. It was the simplest way to share some of the stories we would have otherwise shared over coffee.

However, in scrolling through the old posts, I realized this space had been so much more than a place to share fun life stories. It was a place for me to reflect and challenge anyone who took the time to read the post. And for that reason, I am going to divulge in a bit of reflection.

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