We’re not moving…yet

Almost every month since the day I moved west from my family home in Ontario, someone has asked me when I am coming back.

At first it was three years, 2013 was the year I was going to return to Ontario and enter the media field there. But, I met a boy and fell in love with him. He proposed and we got married in October, 2012.  Continue reading “We’re not moving…yet”

5 acts of self-care for the postpartum mom

Well here we are, a little more than two weeks past the arrival of Ezra and I am officially enjoying my first day as a stay-at-home mom of two, without any help. 

I have been blessed to enjoy the assistance and care of both my husband and my mom over the last two weeks. While I credit part of my smooth and fairly quick recovery to the fact that Mr. Ezra decided to show up in about four hours from the time I started labouring, I also credit my recovery to having the time to rest and enjoy my new babe while Cody and mom took care of everything else.  Continue reading “5 acts of self-care for the postpartum mom”

A five-year plan

This morning Facebook reminded me that Cody and I have been “friends” for five years.

This boggled my mind because unlike some of my other real-life friends, those five years truly represent the amount of time that Cody and I have known each other.  Continue reading “A five-year plan”

Surprisingly enjoyable parenting techniques: Co-Sleeping

Over the last two weeks, the little monkey moved out of his bedroom and his crib and into a bassinet next to our bed. While this seems a little backwards, after all, most newborns eventually move into their own rooms – not out of them, it was a necessary adjustment following an unfortunate event involving me, a hole in the backyard dug by my oh-so-adorable dog, and a badly sprained ankle.

The hole-digging culprit
The hole-digging culprit

I thought my two-weeks of co-sleeping was going to be difficult, tiring, and generally not enjoyable. When the little monkey was born, we didn’t think twice about putting him in his own room right away. Boy was I ever wrong.

When the little monkey gets hungry in the middle of the night, typically around 3 a.m., he begins to stir. Since he is sleeping in a bassinet right next to me and my mommy hearing is on high alert, I hear him stirring long before he begins to cry. What this means is I am able to pick him up, steal a quick cuddle minute, and then feed him. Cody doesn’t hear anything. Ever. Not even when the little monkey does cry. Apparently daddy hearing isn’t quite as sensitive as mommy hearing.

Then, on the occasion that the little monkey has decided that 3 a.m. is the perfect time to start the day, I can lay him back in his bassinet, place my hand on his chest and finger on his soother holding it in his mouth and fall back asleep. Typically the little monkey also falls asleep quickly, being assured that mommy is near by. When he is in his crib and wants to wake up before the birds, I have to stay awake, often rocking him back to sleep. This situation alone is a big win for co-sleeping.

Now that my ankle is strong enough for me to walk on it, and I am no longer worried about damaging it on the short journey from my bed to the nursery, Cody has informed me that the little monkey must move back into his own room (again daddy hearing is not very sensitive, so I’m really not sure why he is insisting that the little monkey be moved – well except that with my sore ankle, daddy has been in charge of early morning diaper changes, a task I believe he is eager to be relieved of.).

Who wouldn't want to wake up right next to this adorable smile?
Who wouldn’t want to wake up right next to this adorable smile?

I thought moving the little monkey back to his own room would be easy. Again, boy was I ever wrong. There’s a bond that’s created when a mother and baby sleep so close to each other. Sure I enjoyed the sleepy snuggles I got in the nursery in the middle of the night, but there’s a comfort in knowing your baby is sleeping soundly and happily right next to you.

By the end of the week the baby will be back in his nursery, I guess I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and move him, embrace the separation anxiety (there will now be a total of maybe 20 feet between me and the little monkey in the middle of the night, but the way I’m feeling, it might as well be 20,000 feet).

To all you co-sleeping mommies out there, I’m sorry I didn’t understand why you liked it before, but trust me, I get it now.