Colourful rice bin sensory play activity

The cold weather (and the cold weather colds) have set in, which means our opportunities to burn off toddler energy outside are getting more difficult.

Elijah gets whiney when he is bored so this morning I decided to put aside my thoughts about the mess it would create, and make him a sensory rice bin. 

…And he played with it for a good 30 minutes…I’d call that a toddler win!

Also it may be cold outside but that won’t stop Elijah from stripping down. The child refuses to wear clothes. Pants especially. And socks. The second we come in from outside the shoes come off and the socks. He even managed to convince the ladies in the church nursery that his socks needed to come off.

The rice bin is perhaps the easiest and quickest way to make a sensory activity, which, let’s be honest, is why I chose to do it.

How it’s Made:

I divided the rice into three ziplock bags and added five drops of food colouring to each bag. I chose red, blue and green. The amount of rice and food colouring is really up to you and the size container you’re going to put it in.

After adding the food colouring Elijah and I gave each bag a good shake. This was almost an activity in itself. Elijah loved shaking his bag of rice.

We then dumped all the rice into a plastic container, added some tractors and trucks, a little dinosaur for good measure. Elijah had lots of fun burying the dinosaur in the rice and “finding” it again.

“Oh! Mommy! Saur!”

Now to fill the remaining two hours before nap time…

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