DIY Baby Slippers

Is there anything sweeter than tiny baby slippers? 

Soft Baby Slippers

I meant to share this project a lot closer to Christmas, but I am only the source of our family’s DIY ideas; my husband is the one who possesses the skills to complete them. This means we finish projects on his schedule, not mine.

I found a tutorial for cute baby slippers on Pinterest. What I loved most about this tutorial was that the writer had provided a pattern for four different sizes. The pattern flexibility was important to me since I planned to make a pair for a special set of twins in our lives, my niece, our boys, and a friend’s newborn.

Soft Baby Shoes

You’ll notice one set of the slippers above has a brown bottom. I cut up some suede from an old pillow my mom forced me to retire from my living room (she even gave me the money for new ones, the pillows were that tired looking). The suede provided the perfect non-slip bottom for the slippers in the bigger sizes. 

We got all the pink baby slippers completed and done before Christmas, which was good since they were gifts. The pairs that prevented this blog post from being published were the pairs we cut out for our own boys. Cody sort of went on a sewing strike and refused to finish them. He said he would finish the baby slippers as a new Year’s gift, then by the end of January, then as a sweet Valentine’s Day gift, then…he just finally did them in his own time. That’s my husband folks. Can’t rush him.

Baby Slippers

The baby slippers we made for Ezra just fit by the time Cody finished them. The good news is that Elijah’s also just fit and, as a result, will fit Ezra soon. Elijah liked his helicopter slippers and was always very quick to correct me when I called them his plane slippers. He did not however like where they sat on his heels. Elijah is like a little old man who prefers to pull his white socks half way up his calves. I think this peculiar toddler preference is why he keeps telling me that something is wrong with his slippers. Oh well, we tried.

Our Boys

And for those of you who only read my blog posts for pictures of my impossibly cute boys, I will reward your patience. Here are three pictures taken a couple of Sundays ago. The boys were adorable with their ties and bowties, however now that Ezra is crawling and Elijah is annoyed that Ezra is crawling, my ability to get a picture where they are both smiling is lacking. The picture of the two of them I included really is the best one. You should see the snarl Elijah has on in some of the others…


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