DIY wooden growth chart

About four years ago I was addicted to Pinterest. Around that time I was planning my wedding, which is what initially spurred my interest in the site. I pinned so many lovely ideas and ended up using maybe…three of them.

But that’s what Pinterest is for. It makes us dream of all the lovely things and then has us crash back down to reality when we realize these lovely ideas and DIY projects aren’t quite as easy or inexpensive as they seem.

In the words of my husband “These ideas you have are unique Kristin, but they certainly aren’t cheap.”

He uttered that statement this past weekend while we were shopping for fabric to create some repurposed tire chairs for Elijah’s new room. Once we get around to completing that project I will be sure to share them with you, but for now, here is the pinned site that inspired that idea. While you’re there check out all the other lovely repurposed tire ideas I found – who knew you could do so much with tires? Also who knew this princess-loving, glitter girl would grow up to be a mom of boys and get excited about repurposed tire ideas??

You’ll note above that I said I was addicted to Pinterest. I do try now to only browse it when I am looking for a specific idea. That way I find I pin things that I am more likely to use or try. For example if I have a craving for brownies, I’ll search pinterest for brownie recipes – that is if I feel like straying away from my usual favourite recipe.

About a year ago I was looking for a way to create a the chart the height of my growing son. I wanted something that fit with the style of our home – I’m generally opposed to really “kiddy” things outside of the kids rooms. I also wanted something that we could take with us when we move one day.

Enter the DIY wooden growth chart. I found the idea on Pinterest, showed Cody and he thought – yup we can do that. He actually already had a perfect piece of lumber in the basement leftover from another home renovation project and I figured how hard could it be to burn a few lines into the wood, stain it and attach some numbers?


Well this project was supposed to be complete and hanging somewhere in the house before Elijah’s first birthday. That did not happen. But it’s hanging now, well in advance of his second birthday and already well-used. Cody tells Elijah it’s time to measure his height and he goes running over to the board and stands super straight right in front of it. It’s adorable.

Where this project ended up becoming more complicated than expected was in gathering the supplies to complete it. We were able to find a simple and inexpensive wood burning pen at Walmart, which is what Cody used to burn all of the lines into the wood. I picked up a can of ebony tinted interior wood stain and we stained the board. This turned out to be a more difficult process because you had to make sure to wipe any excess stain from all of the burned lines in order to prevent drips and runs, it also took forever to dry fully. This may have been because we had to do the staining in our fairly cool basement since Elijah’s birthday is in May and we were doing the project in March.

Grimshaw in March is starting to feel like Spring but certainly not look like it compared to other parts of the country. We still have snow on the ground and the average daytime temperature is 0 degrees. Not warm enough to stain outside.

The expensive part of the project came when it was time to find numbers for the board. We needed 1-6 in all the same style. That was the hard part. In our limited shopping options it was difficult to find the numbers all in the same style. Cody did find some, and they’re beautiful, but we paid far too much for them. These were house numbers he picked up from our local hardware store.


I think the actual project was done sometime during the summer after Elijah turned one, but we didn’t actually get it hung up in the house until this past winter.

Either way, it’s done. It’s beautiful, and it’s a Pinterest success. Although not quite as simple as the example I found had me believe it would be…

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