I’ve never known the meaning of “busy”

…until now.

In October I began working at the Mile Zero Regional Multiplex in Grimshaw as a second job and while I had all kinds of time during the summer to kill, the fall has been an entirely different story.

This week alone is going to be nuts, I’m not going to be home before 9 p.m. any night this week because I’m either working at the multiplex or attending a function for the newspaper. My editor has taken these next two weeks off so I’ll be manning the paper on my own. But it won’t end there. When my editor gets back he will be working in Manning until the company hires another reporter (the Manning reporter is no longer working for us as of Nov. 25).

You should see my day planner. Between highlighted multiplex shifts, circled church events and red, blue and black newspaper appointments every page is full and a mess to look at. My roommate and I have barely said two words to each other in a month because our schedules just don’t match up and we’re both out of the house and working for about 12 hours a day.

Now, with all that being said, I’m not sure I’m complaining. Last winter I was so bored and a little sad when the days got super short and we were living in darkness for most of the day. Now, there is very little time for boredom and I hardly notice the dark while working inside the brightly lit multiplex.

Cody says he misses me, but I think he means he just misses me cooking. Over the weekend and for a bit of last week I was finally able to find time to make dinner a couple of times and he’s been enjoying the left overs. Don’t go and assume that Cody can’t cook – he just doesn’t cook like I do (AKA he eats a lot of tuna when I’m not around).

But now that my editor is on vacation, these next two weeks are looking a little crazy. Here’s to hoping I find some time to sleep and eat!

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