Simple snowmen

My husband saved me four short pieces of deck board and brought them into the house. The only problem was that I changed my mind and no longer wanted to do the project I had intended to do with them.

Enter the simple snowmen. 

This time of year is the time for Christmas craft fairs and markets and every time we go I always admire the wood Christmas decor. My mom did a lot of folk art when we were growing up, which naturally means I appreciate a beautifully painted piece of wood.

The only problem is that I can never justify buying something that I will only have on display for a few weeks every year.

Enter the simple snowmen.

One afternoon while the boys napped I brought up my paint and glue gun and got started. I began by painting three of the pieces of wood white. When that dried I used my glue gun to fashion a hat and scarf from fabric scraps we had in the house.

Which reminds me, this whole project was done using things I had in my house. So if you are a crafter that means you probably also have all the supplies in your house as well.

This is as far as I got before the boys woke up. I guess because I knew what they were supposed to be they looked great to me. However when Cody got home he took one look at them and said “Why did you make matchsticks?” Looking at the photo now I can kind of see why he thought I had decorated pieces of wood to look like matchsticks . . . matchsticks with scarves . . .

Today I finally got around to finishing the snowmen, I drew on eyes, nose and a mouth using Sharpies. Paint would have been preferable but I didn’t have the correct colours at home and I was determined to finish this without spending any money.

Some buttons and a pompom on each hat to eliminate the matchstick look helped finish them off. I used an all purpose glue to secure them to the bottom board and added some pinecones as an embellishment.

I am excited about how they make out front entranceway more inviting and Elijah is pretty excited out the “mans” too. He was upset I put them outside.

This was the first larger craft I have completed in a long time and it was wonderful for my own wellbeing. I think as moms we forget to take time to do the things we love. This craft was for me and me only and that felt good. The laundry is still waiting for me, but it will get done. And now that I feel less like a housekeeper in my own home, I feel like I have more energy and now the laundry and the bathrooms are less of a dreaded chore and more something hat just needs to get done.

So moms, take some time to do something just for you. Your kids, house and husbands will thank you . . . even if they think you made decorated matchsticks.

To recap here is a list of suggested supplies required to complete this project:

  • Four pieces of wood of varying lengths
  • Fabric scraps for the hats and scarves
  • Buttons
  • Pinecones
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Wood glue
  • White paint
  • Orange paint (or an orange Sharpie)
  • Black paint (or a black Sharpie)
  • Yarn for a large pompom

If you make your own snowmen let me know in the comments. I’d love to see them!

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