Staying nourished, staying sane 

A busy toddler and a sick infant mean my hands and time are infrequently all my own.

Over the last week my six month old has struggled with a terrible cold. Never have I used our Nose Frieda and Hydrosense nasal spray so frequently. I think we’re finally over the mountain of boogers, but his voice is hoarse and I don’t doubt that if he could talk he would tell me his throat hurts. This means he’s miserable and wants to be held all the time. 

My toddler has had the same cold, he’s just not nearly as miserable. I am able to convince him to wipe his own nose on a tissue by threatening to use the “nose sucker” instead. That threat usually encourages immediate action.

Aside from being covered in a mountain of boogers, I have also found myself starving! I know this isn’t unusual for busy moms, but for me it’s not something I am used to or like. I start feeling sick fairly quickly after feeling hungry, which also makes me cranky. Not a good combination with two sick children.

So what’s my secret to staying nourished and sane? A quick meal that takes seconds to prepare, Isagenix IsaLean protein shakes.

I can, with one hand, throw a few ice cubes in a cup with some water, rip open a package of protein powder, dump it in, and pop in on the blender. Fifteen seconds later I am enjoying a complete meal replacement, one handed.

That hangry feeling is gone and I haven’t let one booger find its way across someone’s cheek or smeared onto a couch cushion (toddlers are gross. So gross).

With a variety of flavours in both dairy-free and dairy-based options, I love that I can have a quick meal without getting bored. There’s chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, dairy-free berry, chocolate, and vanilla chai. And right now there’s a seasonal flavour, chocolate mint. Made thick enough, this shake tastes like ice cream. Yum!

Also…Isagenix protein powders taste good on their own!

For those of you who enjoy protein shakes you know how rare this is. But Isagenix protein powders that taste good when mixed with just water. That means I don’t need to waste time concocting a “recipe” with various milks, fruit and/or vegetables to make my shake taste good.

Protein powder + water. That’s it.

I know some of you are thinking that protein powders are only for building muscle mass or losing weight, and while the Isagenix system can definitely help people achieve both of those goals, it also serves to provide people with convenient high-quality nutrition. For myself, and other busy moms like me, that’s a huge selling point.

So armed with a tissue or the Nose Frieda in one hand and my shake in the other, we will get over these colds, well-fed and even-tempered.

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