Calling all Superheroes, a Supercharged Birthday Party

Calling all Superheroes! In the month of May we celebrated two birthdays. Cody turned 30 and Elijah turned 3. Since both of these guys are super in my eyes, I decided to plan a Superhero Birthday Party for them.

Superhero Birthday Party -

Elijah turned 3 on May 20. I can’t believe I have a three year old. In the last year he has grown up, a lot. He’s still as spunky as ever and he definitely listens a little better than he did even six months ago. He speaks very well, so well that there is very little we don’t understand when he is talking. His interests are diverse and really depend on the day. He loves Ninja Turtles and Lego Ninjago, Paw Patrol, colouring and completing puzzles. He also loves to play games, the Gone Fishing Game being one of his favourites.

His favourite thing to eat is a popsicle or what he calls ice cream. His dairy allergy doesn’t allow him to eat real ice cream, so we have substituted it with sorbet. He also loves all things (dairy-free) chocolate. Chocolate cookies, brownies, and chocolate chips. 

In case you were beginning to wonder if he eats anything other than sugar, the answer is no. Well, it definitely seems that way most days. He does however love soup, chicken noodle, beef and noodle, pea soup, you name it. If it’s soup he will at least give it a try.

He stands a proud three feet, one inch tall and weighs about 30 pounds. 

Cody turned 30 on May 3. Now that he has exited his 20s, I feel like I am right there with him. BUT it’s not true. I’m 29 and will be for another six months. 

Cody works hard and now that the cold weather has disappeared for a bit he has started riding his bicycle again. In his down time Cody loves to head to the theatre with friends or watch a good movie in our cool basement. He’s done a great job of getting my vegetable garden ready to plant this year and is passionately making sure we have the greenest grass on the street. 

But enough about that, on to the party details.

Superhero Birthday Party Invitation

Superhero Birthday Party -

Just like the Little Monster Birthday Party invitation I made, I found some free clip art and used Canva to put together this digital invitation. It literally takes me 15 minutes after I find the clipart or graphic I want to use, and it’s so much cuter than a simple text message with the same information.

Superhero Birthday Party Games

I wanted this party to be fun. I had an image in my head of the fathers and sons competing against each other in a series of Superhero themed games. While that didn’t exactly happen, there were still screams of delight coming from most of the party guests, kids and adults alike.

Before the party I bought eight skinny pool noodles. I used four of them to make a target and the other four to make rocket launchers and bows and arrows.

Superhero Birthday Party - Superhero Birthday Party -

For the rocket launchers we cut the pool noodle into four even places. We then poked an elastic through the noodle about 1.5 inches from the end using a crochet hook. We looped each end of the elastic around the outside of the noodle and then secured the elastic in place with yellow duct tape. You can use whatever colour you would like, yellow worked with our superhero theme. Using the crochet hook again we looped a second elastic around the elastic that had been pulled tight through the centre of the rocket. The crochet hook helped to tie a slip knot. The picture below might display this more clearly.

Superhero Birthday Party - familychatter.caWe added some rocket fins, made from craft foam and voila – a rocket launcher. The length and stretch of your elastic will determine how far your rocket will travel. Ours did fairly well, although successfully shooting one through the target did take some finesse. In the picture below Elijah wasn’t taking any chances, and made sure his rocket launcher made it through one of the hoops.

Superhero Birthday Party

The bow and arrows were even easier to make. I cut one pool noodle into two pieces. We used the same crochet hook to poke a piece of twine through each end of the noodle, about one inch from the end. We tied the twine and then secured each end with a piece of the yellow duct tape. I made the arrows by cutting up another pool noodle. There aren’t really any specific instructions, just cut the noodle to look like arrows. Make sure to include a notch in the end of the arrow so that you can fit it onto the bow.

Superhero Birthday Party

Now, if our guest thought the rocket launchers required some finesse…the bow and arrow was even trickier. While they weren’t overly useful for playing with the target, they looked great and everyone who picked them up had fun giving them a try.

Superhero Birthday Party Bean Bag toss

This one is fairly self-explanatory. I bought four buckets from the dollar store, added a free Superhero printable (Google it, there are so many different sites that offer free Superhero Birthday Party printables), supplied the bean bags and let our superhero guests test their aim and accuracy.

Superhero Birthday Party -

More Superhero Birthday Party Printables

At the very last minute Cody asked me if I had made a sign for the front yard. I hadn’t, but told him we definitely could. I found these great printables and got started printing all the letters needed to make a banner that said “Calling all Superheroes.”

The banner turned out great, too great in fact. We had two teenage neighbours show up to the party dressed as comic book villains. They told Cody every superhero needed a villain and Cody let them in. Thankfully they didn’t cause any trouble and left quickly. 

Superhero Birthday Party - Superhero Birthday Party -

Superhero Birthday Party -

A Cake fit for a Superhero Birthday Party

When I decided to plan a superhero birthday party I had no idea how difficult it would be to choose a theme for the cake. Since we were doing superheroes as a general theme, I didn’t love the idea of choosing one hero to model the cake after. However, that is exactly what ended up happening.

In the end I went with a Batman cake. Cody helped a lot with the overall concept. The cake was a white cake, made from scratch, that I dyed red and blue. I then used my go-to dairy-free icing recipe (which I sincerely promise to share soon!), tinted grey. I also made some marshmallow fondant that I used to make red and blue balls to decorate the base of the cake. Another bit of icing was dyed yellow, and a small piece of fondant dyed black, which I used to make the bat symbol.

In the end, this was one heavy cake, but it tasted good and looked great too. I also found some more superhero printables and made little cake toppers. 

The cake and icing tasted so good in fact that it needed a bit of last-minute surgery before the party. I made the cake on Saturday night, and on Sunday morning Elijah came into our room and proudly exclaimed, “Mommy! Daddy! I ate some icing!”

Cody jumped out of bed (apparently if I want him out of bed quickly in the morning, just tell him something went missing form the fridge), and sure enough four of the marshmallow fondant balls had gone missing. 

Oh well, nothing I couldn’t fix!

Superhero Birthday Party - Superhero Birthday Party -

Superhero Birthday Party Costumes and Water Balloons

You may have noticed on the invitation we requested that our guests come dressed as superheroes. Well, they didn’t disappoint. We had a wrestling Wonder Woman, several Super Mans, Batman, the Hulk, a couple of Spidermans, and a couple Super Girls. It was so much fun to have everyone dressed up, I think it helped to set the tone for the party. 

We also had water balloons and water guns, which the kids and (male) adults enjoyed tremendously.

Superhero Birthday Party Superhero Birthday Party Superhero Birthday Party

However, not everyone was quite as excited to get wet…

In fact Ezra kind of had this stink-eye face in every photo I took of him at the party. Apparently the excitement of all those superheroes in one place was just too much for him. Despite his stink-eye though, there’s no arguing, that is one cute Super Man.

Superhero Birthday PartyWell, that’s it for out Superhero Birthday Party details. This was the first time I have planned and executed a large theme party and I’m pretty glad all of our birthdays are done for the year now. If you try any of the things we did at our party I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment below letting me know what you liked best about our party.

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