DIY wooden growth chart

About four years ago I was addicted to Pinterest. Around that time I was planning my wedding, which is what initially spurred my interest in the site. I pinned so many lovely ideas and ended up using maybe…three of them.

But that’s what Pinterest is for. It makes us dream of all the lovely things and then has us crash back down to reality when we realize these lovely ideas and DIY projects aren’t quite as easy or inexpensive as they seem.

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Space saving like a big city dweller

Who would have guessed that with all this open space in Northern Alberta I would find the need to space save? Well when you live in a 950 square foot home with your husband, you’ve got lots of room. As soon as a baby or two shows up and the mountains of gear that comes along with that baby, your 950 square foot home suddenly feels much, much smaller.

We have three bedrooms on the main floor. The smallest is currently the monkey’s room. It actually feels the most spacious now, done up as a nursery, than it ever did. The middle sized room is our spare room/office. That is the room that we have had to be creative with furniture and the floor plan. The largest room is the Master, which believe me, is only a Master bedroom by name certainly not by size. But we’ve made it work, and despite it’s tiny floor plan, I love our bedroom.

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A lesson in being my own best advocate

Have you ever thought your child had a mole pop up over night and then your mother in law comes over and picks it off? Yeah, that happened to me, a doctors appointment was made and everything. Turns out it was a perfectly round piece of something he picked up in his sleep through the night, complete with a small dark hair. Picture for proof. Tell me I wasn’t crazy for believing this was a mole. Yes, I did try picking it off and wiping it before my mother in law succeeded in doing the same thing. I am going to go ahead and say it was just “Grandma’s Touch.”

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Breaking News: Baby back on the bottle

**Warning: Lots of cute baby photos included. Baby fever is a very likely side effect of reading this post.

Today is a good day.

The sun is shining brilliantly, the temperatures are well above zero (and it’s only March!), and my difficult and picky baby drank from a bottle today.

Some of you may recall the frustration I expressed over Elijah refusing to bottle feed since his allergic reaction to cow’s milk. Well, starting on Monday I decided enough was enough. I made up my mind to refuse to breast feed Elijah through the day, instead offering him breastmilk and water in a bottle. His last feeding from the breast was around 8:15 a.m. and he doesn’t get another one until bed time. I wasn’t sure if I would be strong enough once the screaming started but we are now on day three, and today Elijah took the bottle with only five seconds of fussing.

Just five seconds! He used to scream for 10 minutes or until I gave up, and no milk was ever consumed.

DSC_0900 DSC_0904

Check out how proud he looks in that last photo. An empty bottle and a super cute new haircut thanks to Grandma Carole. Also Grandma Carole says now that his hair is all trimmed he looks a bit more like Cody as a baby – minus the blonde hair and blue eyes. While I know Elijah was proud of his milk drinking skills, I think he was also proud of the fact that he got through the haircut with no tears or screaming. With three haircuts under his belt at just 10 months old, we may be creating a haircut junky. I guess there’s worse things. Below is what the hair looked like before the hair cut. Still cute, but often quite unruly. I figured it was time for a haircut since almost everyone who looked at him would comment, “just woke up from a nap?” Most of the time he had been up for at least an hour – his hair was just a crazy bed-head mess.


In other news – I am not sure I am ever going to get used to how attracted my son is to all things dirty. Fresh mud on shoes, the front door mat, bathrooms (not that my bathrooms are filthy), his laundry, and most recently, his diapers. I know it’s only going to get worse as he becomes even more mobile, but it still makes me uncomfortable.