Pink Rice Krispies Treats

I made a rookie parent mistake. Cody brought home marshmallows for Rice Krispies treats and I left said marshmallows on the counter.

Big mistake. Continue reading “Pink Rice Krispies Treats”

Mom’s banana bread

Prepare yourselves, this is the banana bread that made Cody give up his pursuit of all girls and focus on this girl! Although it was unintentional, and he had just finished a 40 day fast, this banana bread is the reason I couldn’t shake Cody’s attention in those early days.

I’ve been baking this banana bread for years alongside my mom and sisters. For as long as I can remember Saturday mornings were spent cleaning the house and baking for the next week. While the cleaning wasn’t so fun, we were always eager to help get the baking done. Partly because we enjoyed baking, and partly because that meant we could sneak small bits of cookie dough and lick the beaters when we were done. Continue reading “Mom’s banana bread”