Parades, pools and trampolines 

Today was an excellent day. Being Canada Day, that meant Cody was home with us all day and with nothing but attending the Grimshaw parade on the schedule we had lots of fun family time. 

The morning started with a Bikini Body Mommy workout outside with Elijah followed by some trampoline time. While I was nervous at first because of a previous injury caused by a trampoline, it turns out this was by far the best purchase we have made for Elijah. It helps him to burn off energy and I’ve noticed a significant decrease in the amount of whining that happens throughout the day. 

After a shower we headed towards Main Street Grimshaw for the parade. The boys were so excited…

Ezra woke up on his own just before the parade started but we had to wake up Elijah. We were several floats and a freezee in before he really woke up and started to enjoy it. 

After the parade we attempted lunch and nap time but because of his pre-parade nap, we were unsuccessful. So we packed the boys in the truck and headed to the pool in Fairview. 

It wasn’t busy and was an excellent way to spend a bit of time in the afternoon. This was Ezra’s first time in a pool and he didn’t seem to mind. Elijah is a fish and loves any time we take him swimming. 

We arrived home and after a dinner of pea soup and biscuits (delicious!), Cody headed outside to the trampoline with Elijah. Our hopes are that he will sleep extra well tonight!  

In the first photo Elijah is preoccupied with a moth on the netting. He loves bugs but is terrified they are all going to bite him, which means he is always looking for them but as soon as he finds one mommy and daddy must get it “dead.”

The next couple of photos are of Elijah and Cody playing airplane and rocket ships. I promise the rocket ship turned out well despite how scary it looks. Dads play way too hard!

Today was an excellent day.