DIY Baby Slippers

Is there anything sweeter than tiny baby slippers?  Continue reading “DIY Baby Slippers”

Crafting with a one-year-old (Salt dough magnets)

Last week I was searching Pinterest for thank you ideas for our childcare provider. She started looking after Elijah when I went back to work for three days a week when he was 11 months old.

Through the crying transition time, crazy amounts of poopy diapers and teething this woman and her daughters loved on our son. It didn’t take long before Elijah was smiling when I brought him to the door and quite obviously enjoying his time there.

Unfortunately we had to make a change and Elijah had his last day with this wonderful provider on Monday. I wanted to make something little to give her to remember their time with Elijah. Enter the salt dough magnet. Continue reading “Crafting with a one-year-old (Salt dough magnets)”