DIY Corner Desk

Until recently, our computer was located in a room in our basement, safe from little fingers. While this was a good plan in theory, it didn’t make writing blog posts very easy.  Space is limited in our house, so in order to move the computer to the main floor where I would be more likely to use it we need a small corner desk. I was unhappy with any of the options I found online and shopping locally for furniture is pretty difficult because of our northern location. So what other choice did I have? Pinterest of course.

DIY Corner Desk

I searched high and low for corner desk ideas and tutorials and eventually found two separate ideas that I knew we could pull ideas from in order to create the perfect desk.

Cody said he already had a large piece of wood perfect for the top of the desk, all we needed were legs. Ideally, I would have liked to find legs from an old desk, making this project super inexpensive, but again, our location doesn’t provide for a ton of thrift store furniture finds. 

So, we purchased three wooden legs from Home Depot for approximately $15 a piece, making them the most expensive part of the project. But they’re perfect and beautiful so I am okay with that. 

Once it was all done I used some Minwax stain that we already had from another project and some white paint we also had in our basement. I then purchased and applied a Minwax polycrylic protective finish to the corner desk.

I’d love to give you a very detailed tutorial on how to make your own corner desk, but Cody really did most of this one. We were careful to take pictures along the way so you can get a feel for how we did it. Basically we measured the space we had and built our desk to those specifications. 

Here is the pictorial:

Salt Dough Ornaments

The other day I looked at my toddler’s hands and was shocked at what I saw. How did his hands get so big already?

I can remember holding them when he was a newborn, amazed at how detailed and functional such a little thing could be. His chubby baby hands were my favourite.

So in order to preserve them as they are now, as well as his brother’s very chubby little hands, I decided to make salt dough ornaments. Specifically little Santa hands. Continue reading “Salt Dough Ornaments”

Cardboard Playhouse Magic

Magic! Absolute magic!

I have a busy toddler who is easily bored. His primary activity of choice lately is whacking things with mini sticks. He calls it hockey, and well, he’s not completely wrong. Is just not a whole lot of fun for me – or his baby brother.  Continue reading “Cardboard Playhouse Magic”

Toolbox dresser DIY

Here it is, the final DIY project in our toddler room. **Check out the complete room and all the other DIY projects including tire shelves and seats here

I originally found this idea on Pinterest and knew we could make something similar using Cody’s old dresser.  Continue reading “Toolbox dresser DIY”