I’m back, it’s me, and I’m really back

You guys! Guess what?! I’m back. I’m back to work and have resumed my position as the editor of the Mile Zero News and The Banner Post with Mackenzie Report Inc.

When I went on maternity leave in April, 2016, I honestly believed I was packing up my life as a journalist into one little banker’s box forever.

But, life had other plans. And, I am back.

To answer a couple of questions everyone is curious about – yes, I am happy and managing just fine, and yes – the boys are liking being in full-time childcare.

Finding Childcare

When I got the offer to come back to newspaper, I had approximately two weeks to find childcare. Any parent who has tried to find childcare on a budget in a small town knows this is no easy feat. But, God provided and we found an awesome licensed day home provider in our hometown. After only two days of going to her house, my little Ezra sat on her front step waiting to have his shoes taken off, looked up at me, waved and said “Buh-Bye.” It was adorable, comforting, and heartbreaking all at once.

Previous to my return to the paper I had been working in a different day home setting. Despite the fact that I was there everyday, Ezra would scream to the point that he was sweating and shaking if he couldn’t be in my arms. So, it was a massive relief to see that not only was he not crying when I left him at his new day home, he seemed comfortable and happy.

Unfortunately, this wonderful day home provider had to stop providing child care at the beginning of October due to personal reasons. On the boy’s last day she said Ezra gave her several hugs and even a few kisses while she was playing on the floor with him. He is for sure my sweetheart, both boys are really if you can get Elijah to slow down for more than a second or two, but it was like he knew they had to say goodbye and that maybe she needed a few extra hugs that day.

Thankfully, God provided once again and we were able to get the boys into another licensed daycare facility immediately. The transition from day home to daycare has been a bit harder on the boys. They come home more tired, partly because they have to leave the house earlier and get home later. 

Elijah is in a room with three and four-year olds and this room does not have a nap time. He was skipping naps, or trying to, prior to starting day care. But, not having the option to nap at all is proving a bit hard on him. I am seeing a slight improvement in his ability to last all day without a nap, but it’s slow. So please pray for us, and his poor childcare providers. Elijah is just like any of us when we are over tired – a bear.

Counting my blessings and finding “me” again

I’ve been back to work full-time for just over a month and it honestly feels like I was never away. I am so appreciative of how my family has adjusted and made this transition as easy as possible. My job requires me to work two or three evenings a week and often a few hours every weekend. My husband has been so great in making sure he is home while I am out. I rarely have to worry about juggling work and life. A few people have asked me how I’m REALLY doing working full-time, caring for two busy boys, and looking after our home. And, I can honestly say, it’s all good. I’m comfortable, I’m happy, and I’m grateful for a job that allows me to be a mom and a professional.

In the months after my maternity leave I had begun to realize just how much I loved being a professional. This realization was a strange one for me. In university I can remember hearing a presentation from a professional journalist who told us to throw out any idea of having a family. She flat our said families and journalism don’t mix. And, I believed her. That presentation even caused a small crisis of identity where I reconsidered becoming a journalist at all.

After a little more than seven  years in Grimshaw, I am happy to report that families and journalism can mix. I recognize that that’s not always true for some people and certainly with some companies. But, not for me and not in the company I work for. I am constantly reminded of how fortunate I am to be employed by an individual who does put families first. I don’t have to sweat about taking Ezra for immunizations during the day. Nor do I have to worry about staying home for an afternoon if Elijah is sick.

I’ve even been able to take my kids to work with me. This has resulted in a few of the most adorable photos.

I’ll still be posting about the projects we complete around the house (I have a coat rack/shelf and sofa table completed and ready to tell you all about), but I also anticipate that I’ll be back to sharing more about our lives in Grimshaw now that I’m back, I’m really, really back.



This reporter has kids

Well one kid, and another on the way. But “This reporter has kid,” didn’t quite have the same ring to it.

This past month has been hard. I went back to work when Elijah was 11 months old. At that time I had arranged with my boss to only be in the office three days a week. This was certainly a blessing because this way I could have the best of both worlds. I could put my professional hat on for three days a week and then continue to wear only my mommy hat for the remainder of the week. Continue reading “This reporter has kids”

First day on the job

Today was my first day as the new reporter at the Mile Zero News, and that’s exactly how I’ve been introduced too. The new reporter.

I began the day completely confused because I was unable to click anything on my desktop. I later found out that my editor had played with my computer as a “first day prank,” removing all my desktop items and making the desktop image a screen capture of a working desktop.

The prank kind of fell flat as I’m a little quiet at first and didn’t burst into a fit of laughter when he explained to me what he did.

After that I read some archived issues of the MZN and wrote an advancer for an event that is happening on Saturday. The event is called “Heroes in the Sky” and the local Fire and Rescue Association will be selling firefighter calendars to raise money for a new pumper truck. I do believe I will be purchasing a calendar…after all, it’s for a good cause.

I then went home for lunch because I am not connected to the Internet at work, I know, archaic. After lunch my editor and I toured the town of Grimshaw (a ten minute drive from corner to corner) and completed the question of the day at the local public school. My editor completed the tour by providing some information about an excellent running trail, the fitness centre and where he and his partner (AKA fiancée…note to future boyfriend, if you refer to me as your partner instead of girlfriend or fiancée, I will be a little annoyed) lived.

The rest of the day was spent doing a little bit of layout and a few edits. Upon arriving home I quickly ate dinner and then headed out to Peace River for a few errands and groceries.

Groceries. I did not think the prices were too terrible, until the cashier told me I had just bought $107 worth of food. I really hope it won’t be $100 every week.

All in all today was an excellent first day. My room/apartment is beginning to feel homey and I will meet my roommate in two days. Life in Grimshaw just feels right and I’m glad I took this leap.

I miss you all at home, but am quickly falling in love with my new hometown. Watch for photos of my apartment and the town of Grimshaw as well as the view of Peace River (it’s breathtaking, you’ll see). I hope to take these photos on Sunday and have them up early next week.