How we kicked the soother habit

Anyone else have a two and a half year old in love with his soother (sous, pacifier, su-su)?

From day one of Elijah’s little life our MAM pacifiers were a sanity-saver. He and I struggled to get a good thing going when it came to breastfeeding but he seemed to  want to suck on something, anything really except my breast. My mom went out to Walmart and brought back some infant pacifiers. 

So Mom, Elijah’s soother addiction was your fault šŸ¤£

I can remember going for a walk up town one day when Elijah was about two months old and having to turn around because somehow I managed to leave without grabbing the pacifier. I had hopes and dreams of running errands, enjoying the sunshine, stopping in for a visit at the office. All these hopes and dreams were crushed as soon as Elijah started crying (and boy could he cry!) and I realized I had forgotten the magic pacifier. 

I turned around and walked the seven minutes home with my screaming baby. I am sure we disturbed the whole neighbourhood. Grabbed his pacifier and realized I had lost valuable time and sanity and chose to stay home and enjoy the sunshine outside instead.

This incident (and the 100s like it) are why we had no less than six pacifiers within an arms reach at all times. They were in the diaper bag, the car and truck. Several rooms in the house. Everywhere. 

Fast forward two and half years. Many pacifiers died a sad used death, a couple got snipped by a frustrated parent *cough*wasn’t me*cough,* or lost. He had one left. 

Then, one day after being warned that his sous would disappear if he didn’t leave it in his room, Elijah was forced to say goodbye to his last pacifier. Gone. One minute he had it, the next it was in two pieces. 

I snipped it. Not in front of him, that may have traumatized him for life. But I snipped it and presented him with both halfs. The following pictures accurately describe how he accepted he news. 

I admit I did it out of frustration, but I might have never found the motivation otherwise. 

How did the first bedtime go? Flawlessly. As did every nap and bedtime after that. He has asked for his sous at bedtime a handful of times but after being reminded that it’s gone, he moves on.

So how did we kick the soother habit? Cold turkey. And it worked. 

I hope we’ve inspired you who are trying to figure out how to muster up the courage to kill the soother. There is no right age in my mind, do it when you feel ready. Good news is that if snipping your toddlers soother is a terrible mistake – every Walmart, grocery store and Shoppers has replacements šŸ˜„

Next on the toddler to do list: Potty training. 

We’re not moving…yet

Almost every month since the day I moved west from my family home in Ontario, someone has asked me when I am coming back.

At first it was three years, 2013 was the year I was going to return to Ontario and enter the media field there. But, I met a boy and fell in love with him. He proposed and we got married in October, 2012.  Continue reading “We’re not moving…yet”

Merry Christmas, Love from the Dyck Family

We’re just three days away from Christmas and I **think** I am ready. My baking was done a while ago, the presents are all bought with all but one wrapped (**note for the shopping list – pick up wrapping paper), and I believe I have all the food I need.Ā  Continue reading “Merry Christmas, Love from the Dyck Family”

Parades, pools and trampolinesĀ 

Today was an excellent day. Being Canada Day, that meant Cody was home with us all day and with nothing but attending the Grimshaw parade on the schedule we had lots of fun family time. 

The morning started with a Bikini Body Mommy workout outside with Elijah followed by some trampoline time. While I was nervous at first because of a previous injury caused by a trampoline, it turns out this was by far the best purchase we have made for Elijah. It helps him to burn off energy and I’ve noticed a significant decrease in the amount of whining that happens throughout the day. 

After a shower we headed towards Main Street Grimshaw for the parade. The boys were so excited…

Ezra woke up on his own just before the parade started but we had to wake up Elijah. We were several floats and a freezee in before he really woke up and started to enjoy it. 

After the parade we attempted lunch and nap time but because of his pre-parade nap, we were unsuccessful. So we packed the boys in the truck and headed to the pool in Fairview. 

It wasn’t busy and was an excellent way to spend a bit of time in the afternoon. This was Ezra’s first time in a pool and he didn’t seem to mind. Elijah is a fish and loves any time we take him swimming. 

We arrived home and after a dinner of pea soup and biscuits (delicious!), Cody headed outside to the trampoline with Elijah. Our hopes are that he will sleep extra well tonight!  

In the first photo Elijah is preoccupied with a moth on the netting. He loves bugs but is terrified they are all going to bite him, which means he is always looking for them but as soon as he finds one mommy and daddy must get it “dead.”

The next couple of photos are of Elijah and Cody playing airplane and rocket ships. I promise the rocket ship turned out well despite how scary it looks. Dads play way too hard!

Today was an excellent day.