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I finally took the plunge and created a separate Facebook page for Family Chatter. I had previously been sharing my posts to my personal page but as this blog grows I figured I would like to have a dedicated space for readers to interact with me outside of my personal page.

If you’re interested check it out and like my page. You can look forward to seeing teasers of blog posts in your news feeds as well as shared posts from other bloggers and news sources that I have found interesting.

I’d love to connect with you. As time passes and readership grows I’m sure I’ll separate my other social media accounts, but until then you can still find me on Instagram and pinterest under my personal accounts.

Toddler speak and this confused motherĀ 

While just a couple months ago I was wishing and hoping Elijah would start talking just to avoid to frustration induced tantrums he was having over not being able to communicate – I am not sure that him being able to say quite a few more words is any better. Continue reading “Toddler speak and this confused motherĀ “