The Little Monster’s First Birthday

I can hardly believe it. One year has already disappeared and our little boy, affectionately called our little monster, is already one. We celebrated the his first birthday with a Little Monster Birthday Party, twice, because around here birthdays are a big deal.

Little Monster Birthday Party -

But before we get to those details I want to share a bit about our little monster, Ezra Terry.  Continue reading “The Little Monster’s First Birthday”

Join me on Facebook

I finally took the plunge and created a separate Facebook page for Family Chatter. I had previously been sharing my posts to my personal page but as this blog grows I figured I would like to have a dedicated space for readers to interact with me outside of my personal page.

If you’re interested check it out and like my page. You can look forward to seeing teasers of blog posts in your news feeds as well as shared posts from other bloggers and news sources that I have found interesting.

I’d love to connect with you. As time passes and readership grows I’m sure I’ll separate my other social media accounts, but until then you can still find me on Instagram and pinterest under my personal accounts.

DIY wooden growth chart

About four years ago I was addicted to Pinterest. Around that time I was planning my wedding, which is what initially spurred my interest in the site. I pinned so many lovely ideas and ended up using maybe…three of them.

But that’s what Pinterest is for. It makes us dream of all the lovely things and then has us crash back down to reality when we realize these lovely ideas and DIY projects aren’t quite as easy or inexpensive as they seem.

In the words of my husband “These ideas you have are unique Kristin, but they certainly aren’t cheap.” Continue reading “DIY wooden growth chart”