Simple snowmen

My husband saved me four short pieces of deck board and brought them into the house. The only problem was that I changed my mind and no longer wanted to do the project I had intended to do with them.

Enter the simple snowmen.  Continue reading “Simple snowmen”

Rubber Boots and Shower Stalls

Spring has arrived! Sort of.

Early last week we finally began to see some of that gorgeous Spring time weather I’ve been craving since January. Blue skies and sweater weather for three days in a row. I even broke down and bought myself a pair of rubber boots to wear when walking from point A to point B. These boots are super cute of course, and probably the best Spring-time purchase I have ever made. The depth of the puddles the runoff has caused along the roads and sidewalks is shocking, and without these boots I would never get anywhere with dry feet.

Then there is the mud pit also known as the Multiplex parking lot. It didn’t get paved last year before the frost set in, so now we have a mud pit. My rubber boots and I don’t mind so much, but the Multiplex janitor is right upset and there is one family who walks to the facility regularly and has not yet seen the logical benefits of rubber boots.

Anyways, enough about the boots. Grimshaw was enjoying the beautiful Spring weather when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the snow began to fly. We didn’t get hit quite as hard as the more southern parts of the province, but there is still snow on the ground. In April. At Easter.

The temperature is supposed to rise to six degrees today, with lots of sun, which means my rubber boots will become very handy before the end of the day. According to Grimshaw’s Mayor, my boots make me more northern each time I wear them. I can’t tell if that was a compliment on my new boots or a joke at my previous impractical footwear. In any event, I hope I’ve seen the last of the snow for this winter.

Yesterday, on Good Friday, I had the great opportunity to attend a service at City on a Hill in Peace River. My church and City on a Hill have been doing some combined services lately and it’s been a great experience. The Good Friday service has always been one of my favourites, mostly just because of the song selection, and the City on a Hill worship team did not disappoint.

After church Cody and I noticed the Home Hardware was open, a rare occasion. We need a shower stall for the basement bathroom in his house because the previous one broke. Into the store we went and out we left, a shower stall on order, and a bag of cement in hand to fix the hole. The previous owner had installed the shower stall over a 1.5 foot wide, by six inch deep, hole in the concrete. It’s no wonder the shower base cracked.

And just so everyone is up to date, 23 days until I am once again working one job (and maybe have a new reporter to work with and the big Editor position under my belt…but that’s not official yet), 47 days until I am in Ontario for four days, and 182 days before my last name quits being a dead giveaway for my heritage. Without blonde hair and the “ma” at the end of my name, I wonder if people will still suspect that I’m Dutch, likely not. They’ll probably just accept me as one of them, an adopted German northern Albertan.

AND for those of you who have not checked it out already, go visit my wedding website. You can read all kinds of romantic stories, learn about our bridal party, and even make song requests for the dance. Seriously, make song selections! We’d love to hear from all of you.


Snow storms and eye sight

While Ontario is experiencing some pretty gorgeous weather, after today's snow fall some of the roads around Grimshaw still look like this.

Things around Grimshaw have been interesting, that I cannot deny.

On Monday the weather was absolutely gorgeous, to quote a friend, it was “sweat weather.” For a brief moment I even thought maybe we would get to experience Spring when Spring arrives, instead of in April. I should have known better. I woke up this morning, went to the gym at 6:30 a.m. and was hit by the most unpleasant bitter cold wind.

From there it only got worse. I went home, showered and got ready for work. My outfit called for flats and because the snow is melting and the cold wind kept the mud frozen today, I figured flats would be an excellent addition to my cute outfit. Boy was I ever wrong. It was cold when I left my house to go to Berwyn for an MD council meeting. It was snowing when I left the council meeting at noon for lunch. At 2:30 p.m. when the meeting was over there were two inches of fresh fluffy snow just waiting to fill my cute flats with it’s icy coldness. But at least my outfit was still cute, right?

I’d also like to say my contacts are now working just great. Following my second appointment last Wednesday, I am now wearing a different brand with a better optical quality…and a stronger prescription. I went to see this eye doctor nine months ago and told him I thought my prescription had changed. He told me it hadn’t and I thought, “well you’re the expert.” Last Wednesday after approximately 15 minutes of me trying to convince this man I could in fact not see clearly and that I was in fact trying to read the letters, he decided to try a new prescription. Presto, I can see! The world is so crisp and clear!

Spring brings…snow??

The results of my weekend in Edmonton

First of all, I am so sorry to those of you who check out my blog regularly looking for an update. I know it’s been far too long.

Life here has been pleasantly busy. We wrapped up our agricultural supplement a week and a half ago and are just about done writing a series of features on young musicians. The Ag Week stuff was a bit daunting as I’m always afraid I’m going to make a huge mistake because of a general lack of knowledge. The people here already roll their eyes at my editor because he knows precious little about farming, I don’t want them to realize I might know even less than he does.

The music week features have been fun and caused me to reminisce a little. I find myself wishing I had continued to play an instrument after Grade 12, and dreaming about purchasing a clarinet sometime soon. I could use it to tutor some of the kids at Lloyd Garrison School – the purchase would be well worth the money spent…right?

Between today and yesterday we received about 15 cm of fresh snow. Whoever said spring arrives on March 20 or 21 across the county was dearly mistaken. When I told a friend from Ontario on the phone today about the snow we received, she asked me what snow was. On the plus side, things do look gorgeous here, covered in a thick blanket of white. On the down side, I think I will most definitely be purchasing a pair of rubber boots to wear around town. Some of the snow started to melt last week and because of its mass quantity, we have river running down the sidewalks and streets.

On Friday and Saturday Chad and I spent two days shopping in Edmonton. I was so excited to go to the city and I’m not sure my eyes could have been any wider as we drove through the downtown area. Chad, on the other hand, had sweaty palms and a nervous twitch. Ok, he wasn’t that bad. But he certainly did not see the city’s charm.

I spent far too much money this weekend, but my room looks lovely and it feels more like home, which is great. So I’m going to go right ahead and say the money was well spent…even if it does mean I’ll have to avoid all shopping centres for the next couple of months.

Oh before I go, the following was one of the teasers I just heard for the evening news….”Emergency crews are on the look out for a moose who has been on the loose and seen around town through the night.” If this is not indicative of where I am living, then I’m not sure what is.