WayZoo colouring book + sweepstakes

We had the most wonderful winter weather yesterday. No snow, lots of sunshine, above zero temperatures. Then, without warning we got six inches of new snow. While Elijah loves to be outside and loves to make snow angels, he prefers to make them on dry ground and smile at the imaginary snow angel he just made. He thinks he likes snow, but we often spend more time getting him dressed to go play in the snow than actually playing in the snow.

Just this morning he fell down onto the floor in our living room, wearing only his shorts, and started waving his arms and legs. He stood up, pointed to the floor, and said “Mommy! A snow angel! Look, Mommy!”

Lately, Elijah’s indoor activity of choice (besides Netflix, which we’re trying to watch less of), is colouring and painting. On Saturday morning he got out of bed at 5:30 a.m. (Why child?! Why?!), grabbed his paper and markers and killed some time making beautiful 2-year-old artwork.

He has a couple of colouring books I purchased from a store, but he doesn’t really respect the books. He rips off the cover page and colours each and every page within 10 minutes of receiving the book. So when I was told about the WayZoo Colouring Book by Wayfair, my interests were piqued. 

Wayfair Colouring Book
I printed the 10-page book and set Elijah up at the kitchen table with his markers. He loved all the animals and was super excited to have some new pictures to colour. I think he blew through all 10 pages in five minutes, but that’s two-year-olds for you. Since the colouring book was free, the fact that he destroyed 10 pages in five minutes didn’t irk me. I knew I could just print more later.
WayZoo Colouring Book - familychatter.ca WayZoo Colouring Book - familychatter.ca
In addition to providing a cute colouring book for free, Wayfair has also put together a giveaway. On February 27, Wayfair will chose five lucky kids at random to receive an art package including an easel, paints and markers. I’ll definitely have to submit one of Elijah’s beautiful pages. 
So, if you like me have kids who only think they like to play in the snow, check out the WayZoo Colouring Book. It’s super cute, and who knows – they might even win some new art supplies.



Cardboard Playhouse Magic

Magic! Absolute magic!

I have a busy toddler who is easily bored. His primary activity of choice lately is whacking things with mini sticks. He calls it hockey, and well, he’s not completely wrong. Is just not a whole lot of fun for me – or his baby brother.  Continue reading “Cardboard Playhouse Magic”

Toddler tornadoes

I like a clean house. 

There is something relaxing about sitting down after my toddler tornado has gone to bed and seeing everything in its place. 

Many of you are going to roll your eyes at me and dismiss me as a crazy woman, but I don’t care. Memes like the ones below aren’t hard to find and seem to be the popular opinion. While they are 100 per cent true and I laugh at how true each one really is, I also know keeping a somewhat tidy home is a possibility for me as well.

Having a toddler tornado is messy but if you can ignore the mess until he’s sleeping, a toddler tornado can also be a ton of fun. In the photos below I had just finished my daily workout and my tornado had gotten into a variety of things while I was kicking my butt and working up a sweat. The first photo was markers, that ended up on my face and shoes and the second photo was play-dough, small bits of it I am still finding around the house. 

What’s fun about these situations is watching my little tornado discover things and be creative through mess. I have learned that creativity and learning isn’t something you can box up and keep all neat and tidy, which means messes happen. 

But messes can also be tidied, opening the door to more options for creative play. I have noticed that when the tornado’s toys have been put away and organized he has an easier time choosing something new than when they are strewn all over the house. Maybe it’s just because he’s looking forward to making a huge mess again, but I like to think it’s because he’s been given a clean slate.

So for most of the day my house does look like a tornado hit it. In addition to the toys and lately, blankets, all over the house, the dishes are rarely done until after supper and my bathroom is not cleaned as frequently as it probably should be (Don’t worry guests, it’s always cleaned right before you come!).

But after my toddler tornado goes to bed and my chubby infant (16 lbs at 2 months – chubby may be an understaitment) is happy enough to be put down, I start tidying. Sometimes it’s overwhelming because the tornado has hit every room in the house but once I get started in never takes more than 20 minutes to tidy things and put things back in their places. 

I will not feel guilty for liking a clean home. There’s already so much moms start feeling guilty about and this will not be one of those things for me. So if you, like me, enjoy the serenity of a tidy home – go ahead, take some time to make cleaning a priority. Do what makes you feel sane. For me, it’s toys in their baskets and a hot coffee in my hand. 

Toddlers can win anything with a smile

Parenting a toddler is both overwhelming and the most fantastic experience.

On the table, with Daddy’s tape measure – but mom takes a picture because well…look at that smile!

For example in the span of just half an hour I went from feeling frustrated and upset with Elijah after he dumped his lunch on the floor, to feeling accomplished with being able to spoon feed him five bites of said lunch (5 second or more rule definitely applies here – lunch that fell on the kitchen floor is for sure not the most disgusting thing he has put in his mouth this week), back to feeling frustrated with the fact that he spit one spoonful all over my clean pants, and then having my heart melted by his smile and the snuggle he gave me as I carried him off to his room for a nap.  Continue reading “Toddlers can win anything with a smile”