Toddler room: A complete picture

Over the last month Cody and I have been busy putting together Elijah’s new room in anticipation of his baby brother’s arrival at the end of April. 

Elijah’s new room is what used to be our spare room/office/land where all the things without homes went to live or disappear forever. So as you can imagine “step one: clean out room” was the longest part of the process and the part that involved the most procrastinating. 

One trip to the dump, boxes of stuff sorted and put away in the new office downstairs, clothing put away in different closets (different closets completely reorganized), and other items organized and put away in our storage area downstairs – and we found places for everything we wanted to keep. Overall the entire house looks and feels far more organized, all because we needed to set up one toddler room. 

The only thing not 100 per cent complete is his dresser. You will notice that the dresser has no handles. We will be picking those up on an upcoming trip to Edmonton. 

For details on each of the projects, click the links below or check out the “DIY” page of the blog. But for now, here are the photos. 

Tire chairs 

Tire shelves

Plane mural


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