Toddler room: Airplane wall mural 

Over the last couple of weeks Cody and I have been making use of all the spare time we can find to put together Elijah’s new room. 

Since the current nursery is the smallest room in the house, we always planned to move Elijah once baby #2 came. And thankfully baby has yet made any moves to make an appearance because at 37 weeks pregnant I feel we are cutting it close in terms of getting Elijah out of the nursery, settled into his new space, and the nursery set up again for a newborn.

One of the projects in Elijah’s new room was an airplane mural. We considered purchasing a decal, but the cost was prohibitive for the size we wanted.

We also have a painted mural in the nursery done by Cody’s mom – so why not also paint the plane?

The mural in the nursery

We borrowed a overhead projector from our church, printed the airplane we liked on a transparency and then projected and traced the image on the wall. After that was done Cody got started painting. He locked himself in the room partly to keep Elijah out but also to keep me out.

When he revealed the final product it was much more than an airplane. There were clouds and simple birds and Elijah’s name. It was perfect and turned out great.  

We have a couple more things to finish but Elijah should be sleeping in his new room by the end of the weekend.

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