Toddler room: DIY Tire Chairs

We have finally finished another project! Elijah now has two super cute tire chairs or “seats” as he calls them in his room. I love the way they fill up some space in his room and he loves having some extra spots to jump on and lounge while “reading” his books. 

How we created the Tire Chairs

DIY Tire Chairs, children's reading nook

First Cody found some old tires. Cost: free! This was the best part.

Next, Cody power washed the tires. Unfortunately there were still all kinds of little rocks stuck in the treads. So, while Cody took Elijah swimming, I sat out on the deck picking rocks from tires. I started with a knife, which seamed logical to me. But no, it turns out a fork works way better. Remember that next time you find yourself with a need to pick tiny rocks from tire treads. 

DIY Children's Tire Chairs, Reading nook DIY Tire Chairs, Reading Nook for Kids

Once the tires were cleaned I spray painted them with glossy burgundy paint. It took a few coats before it looked even. I then finished it with a top coat. Thankfully we had a couple of nice days because these tires needed to air out, spray paint and rubber makes for a very stinky project. 

Cody then cut a plywood circle slightly larger than the hole in the tire and a piece of foam the same size as the hole. He then covered the foam with fabric, stapling it to the plywood. Next, he screwed the wood to the tire using small screws.  

In order to give the foam seat a bit more support, Cody chose to fill the tire with expanding foam. I won’t say how much foam we used. I will say that if you use the foam as it is intended, you will likely use waaaaay less than we did.

Because Cody used foam to fill the seats, the seats are now more than strong enough to hold small children and large adults alike.

Once the spray foam was dry, Cody screwed another piece of plywood to the bottom of the tire once the spray foam had dried. I then finished them off with a couple of coats of spray paint.

In total, we used approximately three cans of burgundy spray paint. 


How the tire chairs look in the room

As a decorative accent, I asked Cody to sew a couple a pillow covers using the same fabric we put on the seats.  Yes ladies, you read that right, my husband can sew and it’s awesome. The only thing that might be more awesome would be if I could also sew.

In total we used approximately three metres of fabric for four pillow covers and two seats.


Elijah loves his tire chairs. I can often find him on the one in the closet using it to jump off of (not the intended use, but oh well), and stand on in order to reach the empty bar in his closet (also not the intended use…).

He does sometimes also sit on them and read his books, but that’s rare. Elijah is more of a jumping and swinging and hanging and running kind of guy. Not so much of a sit and read kind of guy.

I use his tire chairs as a way to store and display his stuffed animals. I think they look happy and comfortable there. 

If you try some tire chairs of your own I’d love to see them! They are an adorable addition to any kid’s bedroom or playroom.

Tire Chairs supply list

  • two old car tires
  • plywood
  • spray foam
  • small screws
  • spray paint
  • top coat
  • expanding foam
  • three metres of children’s fabric
  • four pillows

   DIY Children's Tire Chairs, Reading Nook DIY Children's Tire Chairs, reading nook

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