Toolbox dresser DIY

Here it is, the final DIY project in our toddler room. **Check out the complete room and all the other DIY projects including tire shelves and seats here

I originally found this idea on Pinterest and knew we could make something similar using Cody’s old dresser. 

First we sanded the dresser because it had been decorated by my husband in his teenage years with a variety of stickers. We then primed it with an all purpose primer and painted it with semi-gloss white paint.

Once it was dry, Cody stuck a Matco Tools logo to the dresser. He got the adhesive logo from a local Matco supplier.

The hardware we picked up from IKEA. They were part of their kitchen hardware line and by far the least expensive handle we were able to find.

Now that it’s done, it’s safe to say we are all pleased with the results.

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