What I am snacking on: Frozen sweet blueberries 

In my attempt to eat better and help encourage my body to drop the baby weight, I’ve had to get a little creative with my snacks. I love, love, love to bake but I also love, love, love to eat baked goods. So my baking has taken a back seat to other snack prep. 

I plan to write a few posts about what I am snacking on in the hopes that I might help or inspire someone else to try a few healthier snacks. Today I am talking frozen sweet blueberries. 

This is the perfect time of year to enjoy this sweet treat. While we don’t have any u-pick blueberries in northern Alberta, we do have saskatoons, which are an excellent alternative. 

If, like me before moving to northern Alberta, you are unsure as to what a Saskatoon is, it’s basically a smaller, more firm blueberry. It retains its shape better when baked, but basically tastes the same. 

But back to the snack. I took a 4 quart container of blueberries and one package of jelly powder. Any flavour, I chose strawberry, next time I may try grape. 

Step 1: wash the berries

Step 2: lightly towel dry berries and dump into a large freezer bag. 

Step 3: add jelly powder

Step 4: shake until berries are well coated

Step 5: freeze

That’s it! When they are frozen, put some in a bowl and enjoy your sweet, guilt free snack!

And now just because…the sweet baby that is forcing me to eat better. 

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