My experience and honest review of wpbeginner

Exciting annoucement! Family Chatter has moved and thanks to wpbeginner, most of you probably didn’t even notice. The transition was painless. Keep reading and I’ll tell you exactly how it all happened.

For the last 10 years this blog has lived on under a variety of names. Readers found it at under the title “Thoughts and Ponderings.” I started it as a way of journaling my thoughts and feelings during a time of change. I had just finished university and was newly single. I had moved four hours from home for a summer job and was trying to figure out what I was going to do come the fall. A free platform was more than sufficient for my musings.

Then, when I accepted a job in northern Alberta, the blog title change to Northern Musings. I started using the blog to share my new life with my family and friends in Ontario. It was my way of sharing all the little stories and experiences with the people I missed most. A free platform was still more than sufficient for my musings and stories.

Then, in anticipation of the arrival of my second son and another maternity leave, I bought a new domain name – The name fit where I wanted to take my blog. My life had changed dramatically from that of a single, university grad, to a wife, editor, and soon-to-be mom of two boys. I wanted a place I could share our favourite recipes, our adventures in parenting, and the things we did to keep our busy little people busy and happy. My goal is to create a place where readers feel like they are part of our family, chatting with us through my blog.


I knew that I wanted to purchase a hosting plan and migrate the blog to but it took me nearly a year to finally do it. A few years ago I set up a website using and Bluehost as a host before (check it out –, but I had never migrated a blog and domain name.

Enter wpbeginner. I can’t recommend this site enough. The site itself offers great content and tutorials about wordpress, but it also offers to migrate your blog to for free!

pinable image wpbeginnerAdmittedly I was nervous about giving the site my information. It seemed too good to be true. I tried to Google some reviews, but didn’t come across very many. This is why I decided to write my own. I hope this helps ease the concerns of other bloggers.

Wpbeginner is amazing.

My wpbeginner Experience

On Wednesday, February 1 I purchased my Bluehost hosting plan through the wpbeginner site. They offer discounts for wordpress users. You have to use their coupon codes in order to take advantage of their free set up. I then sent my proof of purchase to wpbeginner via their submission form.

On Thursday, February 2 I received my first message from Jeremy at wpbeginner. He requested my and Bluehost login information. Signal the nervous feelings. But, because of a review I read on Five Marigolds, I said a small prayer and proceeded.

On Friday, February 3, Jeremy sent a link to the temporary location of my new site. He asked me to login and check to make sure everything looked good. Then, since I had purchased my domain name prior to my hosting plan, and through a separte company, he asked me to change the nameservers to point to Bluehost. Just in case I didn’t already know how to do this, Jeremy also sent me a link explaining how to update nameserves.

Then, on Monday, February 6, Jeremy let me know my site was ready to go. He also sent me a direct link to 17 useful videos about wordpress.

Jeremy also explained a couple of the plugins he installed on my site for free. These plugins were to enssure good SEO and performance optimization. All good things. Finally he explained to me how to transfer my subscribers from my old account to my new site.

In summary . . .

As you can see, my page works beautifully. It looks the same as it did before, only now I have the freedom to insall more useful plugins, monitize should I desire, and utilize other tools to track and build the number of pageview Family Chatter receives.

So, if you are like me, and looking for a fool-proof way to move your blog over to a self-hosted wordpress site, I would highly recommend wpbeginner.

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